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In 2014, I went on the best safari with Augustine's Adventure Africa. 

Here are 10 tips that this month's guest post says you should consider before going on a safari in Africa:

Guest post by Sujain Thomas

The safari travel can be a dream come true experience for a lot of travelers if they don’t make some common mistakes during the travel. With the help of basic planning, you can avoid the mistakes.

Read the useful suggestions below for a safe safari in Africa:

  1. Take Care: Never forget to take care of yourself during the safari travel. Sometimes the bushes in the jungle can be dusty and may damage your eyes. So, you should pack eye drops for the safari trips. You require a pair of a good quality hard rubber walking shoe to prevent you from thorns and hard headed insect along with that you will need sunscreen, sun hats, sunglasses etc. Insect repellents and bite protection creams are must-haves when you are traveling in the forest. Be ready for an unexpected thrill and adventure on your way.
  2. Tent Safaris: If you are a light sleeper, then tented safaris cannot be your choice. You are required to stay in the sturdy and solid cabins where you are more comfortable during the safari travel.
  3. Schedule: You should create a proper schedule for viewing the wildlife. It is always advisable to watch out for the wild animals during the early morning or the late afternoon as they perform most of their daily dramas during these times.
  4. Too Little Budget: When you are going for a safari travel, you should not go with a tight budget. As the safari travel is a once in a lifetime experience, you need to make it very special. You should focus on the quality of service and not for the cheap offers that are displayed by some of the safari tour operators.
  5. Group Tours: It is good to plan safari tips with a number of people as it multiplies the fun but when you are traveling in a group, you may find many objectionable fellow passengers. It is better not to accompany such people or just ignore their words so as it will not spoil your adventurous fun. Therefore, it is always better to maintain a small group of like-minded people where you can enjoy the safari experience very well.
  6. Drive If You Enjoy: To drive or not to drive is completely your personal preference. If you are driving, then you may miss out many wildlife viewing opportunities as you need to focus on the road. Besides, if you take a guide, he can share you with his experience and can make you aware of the habits of the animals, you will not miss any fun and guide will help you exploring more fun and adventure all the way. This will not be possible if you are driving on your own.
  7. Research Properly: You should do a proper research before booking the safari travel. There are many review and helpful sites that can help you to provide proper feedback and ratings regarding the specific safari travel. And many sites share their own experiences which are quite beneficial. Always be sure of the trustworthiness of the company with whom you are booking your safari travel. Personal travel insurance is required if you want to maintain your security during the travel.
  8. Choice Of Vehicles: You should choose your vehicles wisely. A bad choice of vehicles can ruin your entire safari experience. If you are using the hired cars, you should get something very comfortable and spacious. You can go for the air conditioned ones to enjoy a comfortable trip. Sometimes you may prefer the open vehicles which are customized only for the safari travel. While choosing the vehicle, you must keep in mind two factors- the comfort level and the proper arrangement to ensure a great view of the wildlife.
  9. Photography: If you are interested in photography then it will be good if you bring high-quality camera so as you can make high-resolution memory and for protection of your professional camera make sure you bring waterproof cover so as to prevent it from dust and water too and if you are carrying a long lens, never forget to carry a separate bag for it.
  10. Make Memories: During the safari travel, you should take good pictures of yours as well as nature. You can request the guide or the driver to turn off the vehicle before you use your camera. Enjoy the time when you find any wild animal and their actions and capture it in your eyes as well as camera forever.

safari in africa

You should follow all the above-mentioned safari tips so that you can enjoy the best moments in the woods. Sometimes, simply watching the wildlife for long hours can be very exciting. This is the adventurous experience you will ever forget in your life so get ready pack your bags follow the tips and enjoy.

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