Many of those who have just heard my national radio interview with Rick Steves want to know how to book their own African safari or mountain climb.

Others want to see my report on my East African adventures. I will do that by March 2015, but for now, because I have computer problems, I want to just quickly answer the first question.

Recommended Tanzanian Safari Guide: Augustine and Francis

Augustine (the man on the right) has 20 years of guiding people (mostly Americans) throughout Tanzania (especially around the Arusha region).

You won't find a more experienced, friendly, and professional guiding company than Augustine's Adventure Africa. They have the vehicles and the knowledge to entertain and inform you about the wonders of the Seregeti, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and far beyond.

I mentioned him on the Rick Steves show, and I stand 100% behind my recommendation. You can find a cheaper guide, but Augustine runs a top class operation that is worth every penny.

Recommended Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru guides: AfricaZoom

Francis on top of KilimanjaroJust like is a class act for safaris, AfricanZoom is the best outfitter to take you to the roof of Africa.

What makes them special isn't just the professional service, knowledgable guides, and friendly attitude, but it's also their inspiring leadership.

Maggie Samson founded the company and is the only woman who has climbed all 8 routes up Kilimanjaro.

It's hard to find anyone who has done that.

It's extremely unusual in the male-dominated guiding business in Tanzania.

Moreover, she is a member of an organization that looks after the welfare of guides and porters, who are often mistreated by unprofessional trekking companies.

Therefore, if you'd like to climb Africa's tallest mountain, you should consider AfricanZoom. 

Lastly, both companies go into each other specialties. For example, AfricanZoom leads safaris and leads mountain climbs. 

Although I'm sure they are both competent, I would advise sticking with their specialities. You can't lose!

Uganda guides

Finally, I also should mention Gane and Marshall, who are the best guides for Uganda.

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