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TEDx Talk

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Television Appearances

In 2013, I appeared on a local CBS station in San Francisco.

Amazon and Lincoln Mercury teamed up to profile 25 individuals who were pursuing a classic dream. One of those 25 dreams was "To Travel the World." Their producers picked me as the person who best personifies that dream. As a result, a film crew of dozen professionals spent two days filming me at various locations. After much editing, here is what they did...

Although the first 20 seconds of the video is in Chinese, after that you'll see me come on and speaking in English. So be patient at first. The two-minute segment is about my talk at the Commonwealth Club of California, where I discussed the fall of communism over 20 years ago and how Eastern Europe is like today. Chinese TV asked me about what I think about Chinese communism and its future. Watch to hear my answer.

French American TV interviews me in English for 8 minutes. Skip the first minute of this video since there's a small technical problem:

Here's a second interview in French:

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Photos and more

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Hall of Fame: I was nominated a one of the seven finalists to the California Outdoors Hall of Fame, which "features nominees who are world-renowned for their skills and who have helped inspire thousands of others to take part in the great outdoors." Although I "barely missed induction," I was quite honored to be nominated. Besides, it gives me motivation to keep doing looney activities outdoors and sharing my adventures. Some think that they nominated me because I've evangelized about the glories of backpacking 10,000 miles, but I know the real reason: they're impressed that I backpacked for 45 days without a shower.

Radio Interviews and Podcasts

  • KQED, Forum with Michael Krasny. In this one hour in-depth interview, we discuss The Hidden Europe on the 20th anniversary of the fall of USSR (Dec 29, 2011). KQED is the most-listened-to public radio station in America with over 745,000 listeners each week.

  • WBAI, Pacifica Radio Network station in NYC interviews Francis Tapon. Rebecca Myles, Reporter and Producer, interviews him about his book, The Hidden Europe.
  • KSFR, Santa Fe Public Radio, "Interview with Francis Tapon," with Emily Drabanski. It aired on the radio program, "Hello, New Mexico," and is now a podcast. We talk about my CDT Yo-Yo and my book.
  • The Don't Worry About The Government podcast. Francis is a guest on this lively show, where we discuss poltiics, especially politics in Russia, Belarus, and Macedonia.
  • This Week in Travel, "We're All Going to Moldova." Francis is a guest on a show with hosts Gary Arndt, Chris Christiansen, and Jen Leo. We discuss Eastern Europe, not just Moldova. The first 40% of the show is about Travel News; the interview starts around the 40% mark.

  • Upgrade Reality, "Interview with Francis Tapon," by Dirk "Diggy" de Bruin. In this 20 minute interview, we discuss travel, business, and advice for young people.
  •, "CDT Yo-Yo," by Bernie Wilt. An interview about my CDT Yo-Yo.

  •, "Five Pounds of Gear," by Carol Crooker. A 42-minute interview about how I survive for many months in the mountains with just over five pounds of gear. Part II is "Traveling for a living," by Carol Crooker. A 15 minute interview on how one can travel for a living.

  •, "Francis Tapon - Hike Your Own Hike," by Bernie Wilt. An interview prior to my PCT hike and about my book.


  • Chicago Tribune, "Getting to know the world around us," by Barbara L. Brotman, September 24, 2012. I'm quoted on the second page of the article (which is behind a pay wall). 
  • Patch, "'The Hidden Europe' Comes to Los Gatos," by Rachel Stern. Story about The Hidden Europe book launch. 

Francis Tapon standing - Click photo to download high resolution version

  • Unlimited, "Back to the Garage," by Tom Bible. Story about how Francis left Silicon Valley to travel. Sept 24, 2006.
  • New Mexico Magazine, "There and Back Again," by Ashley Biggers. The 5-page article is about Francis Tapon's CDT Yo-Yo.
  • Inov8, my shoe sponsor, mentioned Francis in their blog.
  • National Geographic, "Best of Adventure, Trends: New Leaf," wrote "That kind of annuity should give guys like Francis Tapon—who thru-hiked some 2,800 miles (4,506 kilometers) on the nearly completed Continental Divide Trail (only to turn around and hike back)—more room to roam, both above and below tree line."
  • 5280, "Taking the High Way: Thru-hiking the Continental Divide Trail," by Kelly Bastone, August 2008, pp. 70-73. Denver's premier magazine reports on Francis Tapon's first-ever yo-yo of the CDT.
  • San Jose Mercury News, "Entrepreneurs to students: start-ups looking for MBAs," by Steve Kaufman, January 10, 1998, page C1. On the cover (including a photo) of the business section of Sililcon's Valley's premier newspaper.


  • Longest Way Home: interview by a man who has been traveling for 6 years looking for a home. 
  • Anthropological Journeys conducts a wide-ranging interview, covering immigration and the best/worst countries in Eastern Europe.
  • Selling Books interviews Francis Tapon, who gives brief answers.
  • Traveling Teaching interview where Francis offers advice to teachers who want to travel.
  • My Life Outdoors asks about sponsors and financially pulling off a long distance hike.
  • TripWolf interview with Francis Tapon.


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  • For more information about Hike Your Own Hike, including reviews and excerpts, visit the HYOH page.

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