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Francis Tapon
Author, Global Nomad, and Public Speaker
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About Francis Tapon
Francis Tapon is the author of Hike Your Own Hike and The Hidden Europe. He has traveled to over 100 countries and has walked across America 4 times. Find out where Francis is now.
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What are experts saying?

“Francis Tapon provides us with a wide-ranging personal and historical travelogue. . . . The result is one of the world's most personal, idiosyncratic, and unorthodox cultural and historical travel guide. It's really an impressive and ambitious book.”
Michael Krasny
Michael Krasny Host on KQED's Forum
"The Hidden Europe is an invigorating narrative packed with useful tips and colorful stories. . . . I had so much fun reading through this book. And it covers every country and every corner of Eastern Europe with a beautiful breezy style, with a fun, intimate report on how Francis enjoyed 3 years exploring Eastern Europe."
Rick Steves
Rick Steves Travel Expert
“Francis Tapon is a modern-day Marco Polo, though unlike Marco Polo he has taken a nude sauna with a gorgeous Finnish woman. So maybe even a little better than Marco Polo. His book The Hidden Europe is a great adventure story.”
AJ Jacobs
AJ Jacobs Bestselling Author

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