Venice is my favorite city in the world. Yeah, there's lots of tourists, but there's a good reason for that: Venice is awesome. That's why tourists don't flock to Hayward, California.

Also, you can avoid the crowds by going to parts of Venice that are less popular. Parts of the main island (far from Piazza San Marco and the Grand Canal) have almost no tourists. Murano and Burano are also somewhat quiet. And the other islands, like St. Eramus, are almost dead.

Below are 27 photos of Venice, but first, enjoy this slide show video!

(If you are in Germany, you won't be able to see this video because of the soundtrack restrictions. So watch the Vimeo version, which appears after the 27 photos.)

If you're learning to do photography, Venice is perfect. A blind guy could take stunning photos in Venice. I'm not blind, but here are some photos to motivate you to visit, or revisit Venice.

Gondolas driving the tourists through the Grand Canal


Basilica San Marco in the San Marco Square

Piazza San Marco Basilica.


Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco.

Pigeon in Venice One of many beautiful buildings along the Grand Canal

LEFT: A flying rat. RIGHT: I think this place is called St. Georgio island.


Ana next to a colourful house on Burano

Ana next to a colorful house in Burano.

Ana on the bridge on Burano

Ana in Burano.


Ana on Torcello, Venice

Torcello has almost no tourists, but it's like what Venice might have been 500 years ago. Simple.


Venetian boats, gondola

I've been to Venice many times, but I've never taken a gondola ride. Someday I will.


Square on Burano

Morning light in Burano.


Francis and campanile Laundry day on the street on Burano

Burano has a leaning tower and nice quiet streets.

Venetian arhitecture on Burano



Morning light on Burano Comet Glass Star by Simone Cenedeseis one of glass sculptores exhibited in the centre of Murano

Burano on left, Murano on right.



Grand Canal in Venice

The Grand Canel near Il Ponte Rialto.

Venetian graveyard

Il Cimitero - the cemetery.



Decoration on the house on Burano

In Burano, I believe.


Venice´s biennale of architecture

An art exhibition in Venice.

Ana on the venetian arhitecture biennale exhibition in Arsenale, Venice

Ana in color.


Venetian arhitecture, La Guidecca Painting and checkered floor

More pretty stuff in Venice.


Jumping on Gudecca, behind is the Piazza San Marco

Ana proving she can jump higher than I can.


Street on Guidecca

Guidecca street.


Early morning on Burano

Burano again.


Something strange happened here is an artwork on the wall of Venetian Arsenal by French artist Daniel Firman

Venice is strange, in a very good way.


Santa Fosca on Torcello, Venice

Torcello, Santa Fosca.


A view on Venice from Guidecca

Leaving Venice. I've been there 6 times, but I could be there for a lifetime. Truly an amazing, special place.

Here's another look at Venice. A superb video:

If you are in Germany, then YouTube blocks the video due to music copyright issues. So watch it below. The resolution is a bit less, but you'll still enjoy it!

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