When I did the Appalachian Trail I went after many sponsors, but this time I'm focusing on just a few. Getting sponsors takes a lot of work and effort. I'm just too busy (and too lazy) to make the effort. Nevertheless, I'm happy to get the support of these sponsors.

GoLite Logo GoLite pumps out the best backpacking clothes in the Solar System. I've been buying their stuff since they started and I just adore their high quality, light weight gear.

Pristine Logo Pristine makes purifying safe, light, and easy. What more does a backpacker need?


We should stop expecting the government to maintain our beloved trails. Many taxpayers would rather see their money spent elsewhere or returned to them. Budget cuts are coming. We must take ownership. That means raising money privately to help improve the Triple Crown (AT, PCT, and CDT). Practice some real trail magic and give today to one or more of these trails.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is by donating half my book royalties to these three trails. As a writer, I don't make much, so I'm grateful that my sponsors help me keep my costs down. It allows me to increase awareness of the trails by encouraging others to give.

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