Slovenia Bled Castle by phault on FlickrThis is a guest post by Kristine Stella.

Slovenia is one of the most politically stable and safe countries in Europe. It has excellent infrastructure and the people are well-educated. It is located between the Balkans and Western Europe and has breathtaking landscapes and mountains.

One can get around in Slovenia by hiking through the well-preserved and eye-catching countryside that is covered in greenery almost from when one leaves the city. Hiking is very popular with their being a remarkable choice of trails to hike through, from the easy walks passing along foothills and valleys, to more invigorating walls in the protected trails in the mountains where one can also enjoy the breathtaking alpine peaks. Slovenia has approximately 20,000 kilometers of marked out trails that are accessible all year round provided the hiker has the right equipment and the weather conditions are good.

If one wants to enjoy the city, one can have a sightseeing tour of the capital Ljubljana and tour the great sights in Bled, where you can view the lake and castle. You can also visiting the island in Bled's lake by traveling using a boat or you might want to walk round the lake and having a picnic while enjoying the breathtaking view.

One can also visit Postojna and Predjama to take a tour of the amazing caves and the picturesque rock cliff castle at Predjama. You can then head northwards to the Volcji Potok arboretum. The garden has different flowers, trees, and some animals. There are many small lakes that have paths around them.

Visit attractions such as the Ć kocjan Caves, which are beautiful caves that are accessed through a trail known as the Silent Cave because there is no river. One also gets to see all types of stalactites, as well as walk above the canyon of the Reka River.

Triglav National Park, the only national park in Slovenia, is a must visit for all lovers of hiking, mountains, and nature. It features the world's most extreme backpacking trail. The park features waterfalls, mountain ranges, and lakes. The Kolpa River has sparkling clear water and is found in southeast Slovenia. One can swim and go for boat rides in the summer going through the rapids. 

Kranjska Gora is an outstanding alpine resort. Ski there!

Guest Post by Kristine Stella, a professional blogger. She works on ESTA.

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