Below are 11 videos shot during the Continental Divide Trail Yo-Yo. If you want to see more, then check out the 77-minute CDT Yo-Yo video.


CDT Yo-Yo in Four Minutes: Want to inhale 7 months in 4 minutes?

CDT Yo-Yo Video Preview: For more about the video

Mt. Elbert 1: Not sure if I'm on the right mountain


Mt. Elbert 2: Am I really on the summit?

Mt. Elbert 3: Descending and about to get lost

Big Horn Flats: Lost again in Colorado around Memorial Day

Shredding a layer: See what Colorado did to my rain jacket

Colorado-Wyoming Border: Glad to leave Colorado

Sheep: Making a pass

June 7: Rant against Al Gore and global warming

Locked in bathroom: The benefits of being locked in a bathroom

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