Jonathan Ley's CDT Maps for 2016

The maps below are Jonathan's Ley's latest CDT maps for the 2016 season. 

Jonathan Ley is a CDT god. He has spent years creating and meticulously updating his free CDT maps. Without his efforts, we'd all be forced to buy expensive CDT maps from somewhere else (or be lost). Moreover, like an open source project, his maps are constantly being updated by the fresh input from CDT hikers. He annotates the maps with important information concerning water sources, resupply points, and alternate trails. When I yo-yoed the CDT, I survived with his maps alone. I had no guidebook or GPS.

There are two ways to get his maps.

  1. Visit Jonathan Ley's CDT webpage and send him an email requesting the CD of all the maps. Send him a generous donation as a thank you, and remember the postage and CD is the cheapest part. The time it takes to compile all this information is the most expensive part of the process. So be generous.
  2. Downloading them here. When I was on the CDT, I lost my maps a couple of times. I didn't have extra copies, so I asked Jonathan to email me the maps and then I would print them at a library. Although this worked, this gave me the idea that all the maps should be downloadable online.

Jonathan gave me his approval to post his maps on my site. Giving online access to the maps isn't free because they suck up bandwidth. However, I think it's a useful service to the hiking community.

Download Jonathan Ley's CDT Maps

Honor code: You're welcome to download and use these maps, but please donate something to Jonathan Ley! There are two ways to donate:

1. Send money via PayPal to Ley's email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask him for his home address to mail him a check.

When you make your donation, please mention that you downloaded them from here! If you feel compelled to toss a bone my way for bearing the cost of the download, I insist that you don't send me anything! Send all your generosity to Jonathan! He deserves it! However, if you can't be reasoned with (and you've already donated to Ley), then consider getting something from my shop or spreading the word about it by mentioning it in your social network.Please visit Jonathan Ley's CDT map page to learn more about the CDT maps.

Download the CDT maps

Download the zip files of the maps by clicking on each section below. Unless you have a kick ass connection, downloading the maps is a slow process, so be patient. The MB estimates are rough estimates, so don't worry if the actual download size is different.

CDT Maps Summary Table

Now that you have the maps that you need, you'll need to organize them. Start by looking at this summary page of all the CDT maps. All the maps are rotated to "portrait" to make batch printing easier. For some printing tips, see Jonathan Ley's CDT Map Information page.

While you're waiting for the download, you can start getting pumped up for your hike by reading either my CDT journals or Jonathan's.

Happy Trails!

- Francis Tapon

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