My Africa trip is happening thanks to several sponsors who have given something to help make it happen.

The Unseen Africa Sponsors

ExOfficio Logo

ExOfficio makes clothes that are ideal for the adventure traveler. Their apparel is functional and light enough for when you're doing a thru-hike, yet stylish enough to wear in a city. I'll be wearing their clothes throughout the 3-year trip.


Parallax Logo

Parallax is the maker of the Elev-8 Quadcopter, which we will be using to film aerial shots. The benefits to this system are a stable platform, with no mechanical linkages for a small maneuverable and agile aircraft.


Gossamer Gear Logo

Gossamer Gear sponsored me during my Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail thru-hikes. They simply make some of the lighest backpacks and gear available. TIP: If you decide to buy something from them, use this Coupon Code when checkout: HIKER. You'll get a 15% discount!

Ikan Logo

ikan is sponsoring us with a their Flyweight Camcorder Shoulder Rig for our heavy camcorder. They're also supplying an awesome light and battery accessories.

Jacks R Better Logo

Jacks 'R' Better has been making the best sleeping bags/quilts available. They use top quality down insulation and are lighter than anything else out there. I used their quilt on my 7-month 9,000-km hike on the CDT. I'm happy to use them again. They're also supplying us with a beanie and two amazing headlamps. They're not slick marketers, but their products are the best in the world.

 Steripen Logo

SteriPEN is supplying us with their SteriPEN Classic and their Freedom product. They both provide an ultraportable means to purify water via UV rays. The main difference is that Classic runs on AA batteries whereas Freedom recharges via USB. We will get their latest products once they get released in mid-2013.

Icetech Logo

IceTech USA is providing us their top-of-the-line solar panel, the i12K and its camo solar array. This will help power our gadgets when in remote areas.

DeLorme logo

DeLorme's InReach product will allow us to send out "I'm OK" signals to satellites. Unlike SPOT, DeLorme's InReach covers Africa (and anywhere on the planet, thanks to the Iridium satallites).

Looxcie Logo

Looxcie makes the Looxcie HD Explore, which is a ultra-portable video camcorder that we are excited to use. 



Wimdu lets you rent out rooms, apartments, or houses from locals! It's an affordable way to travel and you're more integrated into the travel experience than in a hotel.


 ZPacks Logo

ZPacks makes the lightest backpacking shelters. They also have an excellent selection of ultralight gear. They've agreed to supply our home for the three years. 

Lite Trail logo

I enjoy partnering with innovative backpacking gear companies. For example, in 2001, GoLite sponsored my Appalachian Trail thru-hike when few backpackers knew that GoLite existed. Today, it's a strong player in the backpacking world. In 2006, Gossamer Gear sponsored my Pacific Crest Trail adventure. They've also grown significantly since then. In 2013, I've identified Lite Trail as another innovative backpacking gear company worth watching.

Scrubba Logo

The Scrubba is a slick way to wash your clothes when you have limited water and/or no access to washing machines. The product came out of a highly successful Kickstarter project.

Absolutely Prepared Logo

Absolutely Prepared is an educational organization specalizing in general preparedness training.

If you'd like to become a sponsor, read on...

How To Become a Sponsor

There are many benefits to sponsoring The Unseen Africa.

  • Test your product in 54 African countries! Imagine what kind of testimonal that would generate!
  • I will review your product/service on my website - a post dedicated to your product/service.
  • Get your banner ad and link on my website which has over 50,000 unique visitors per month.
  • Get your logo to appear in the first episode. Some sponsors will appear in multiple episodes (depends on their level of commitment).
The easiest way to become a sponsor is to pledge $5,000 to my Kickstarter Project. You can also contact me directly.

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