If you do just one thing for me this year, please tell everyone you know (and a few you don't know) about The Unseen Africa Kickstarter Project, which launches today, Africa Day (May 25)!
Below you'll find the Kickstarter video, its current fund raising status, and links to blogs that have covered the project.

Status of The Unseen Africa Kickstarter Project

⋆ The Unseen Africa TV Series - The pilot episode: Morocco -- Kicktraq Mini

Press Release

Man Traveling Nonstop to All 54 African Countries Over 4 Years
The Unseen Africa TV Series Announced on Africa Day on Kickstarter

May 25, 2014 - Agadez, Niger - To celebrate Africa Day adventure travel writer Francis Tapon is announcing the production of a new TV series called The Unseen Africa.

Tapon, who is traveling nonstop to all 54 African countries over four years, will host the show. In addition to capturing Africa's unseen parts, he plans to summit the tallest mountain of every African country.

Tapon said, "This ground-breaking travel TV series will reveal the sides of Africa that CNN and National Geographic never show."

The Unseen Africa will move beyond the standard images of Africa (war, wildlife, poverty, and pyramids). Instead, it will capture the everyday life of Africans and also show how 21st century Africa is different than how most Westerners imagine it.

Tapon said, "Besides going to unseen parts in Kenya, Morocco, and South Africa, we will go to African countries that rarely appear on TV such as Benin, Guinea Bissau, and Comoros."

To make the show's pilot episode, Tapon has created The Unseen Africa Kickstarter project, which aims to raise $20,000. The campaign launches May 25 and lasts 30 days.

Tapon started his African journey in Morocco and has spent the last year in West Africa. He plans to finish in North Africa in 2017. He has walked across America four times, written two travel books, and has visited nearly 100 countries.

Public Relations: Zorica Loncar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Creator/Host: Francis Tapon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
http://TheUnseenAfrica.com | http://Facebook.com/FTapon
http://Twitter.com/FTapon | http://Google.com/+FrancisTapon

Press Coverage of The Unseen Africa Kickstarter Project

The Unseen Africa Logo

Below is a list of the bloggers who have written about the project or where I've written a guest post. If you'd like to get on this list, write about the project and we'll add a link to your page!

Video and Audio podcasts

Bernie Wild at Practical Backpacking interviewed me. There's as bonus audio available about how you can finance your adventures.

Script Magazine highlighted us by featuring a 45-min video podcast that talks about the unseen parts about The Unseen Africa.


The Amateur Traveler's popular podcast discusses the Western Sahara and my journey there: 

Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast:  

Unseen Africa with Francis Tapon - This Week in Travel #166

Answering Critics

Perhaps the most common criticism I expect to receive will be, "But that's not unseen!" 

They will elaborate in one or two directions from there by adding:

  1. "I've seen it!" - Some critics will say that they've seen some or all of what I show. Yes, when I declare it's unseen, I know some adventurous people will have seen it themselves. My point is that most tourists don't see it and the media rarely shows it.
  2. "How can you say it's unseen when Africans have seen it." This is similar to the argument that people say that it's wrong to say that Columbus "discovered" America, since the Native Americans discovered it 10,000 years before him. Yes, I know that local Africans have seen what I'm labeling as "unseen." Quit being such a wise-ass.

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