Guest post by Jenny Corteza

  1. Try to travel with a plan and all expenses in mind that can make your travel comfort and relaxing.

  2. Interacting with the locals can bring you a good advice, perhaps a friendship and even discounts in some cases. Get hold of a phrasebook and learn a bit about the language.

  3. Let the budget loose at times, and concentrate only on the experiences and memories you are gathering rather than sitting with the budget calculator.

  4. Wake up early morning for seeing the city come to life. It gives you ample time to explore when fewer tourists are around. Additionally, when the light is not so harsh it is the best for photography.

  5. Plan a flexible schedule by not pre-booking everything. Leave room for impromptu plans that you may come across while interacting with locals and other tourists.


  6. Keep your mind open.It is perhaps the most important point to keep your mind open to various environments and cultures while travelling. 
  7. Activate your email notification since certain hotel and airfare sales can come to your notice only if your sign up for notifications.
  8. Follow hotel/airlines on Facebook and Twitter. Social media sites releases good deals directly these days.
  9. Utilise the Free days. Visit museums or common tourist sites when they are on discounts.
  10. Travel Light always. Pack only the bare minimums by rolling them. The trick is to choose the shoes fist and other things around them. Hiking books should be worn onto the plane instead of packing.
  11. Incorporate a working holiday during long term travels which gives you a chance to experience various cultures, and obtain new skills.
  12. Try living off a single wage and save the other part.
  13. Make flash cards for countries where language barriers can be a problem.
  14. Carry a sarong – it works as a blanket, bed sheet, towel, scarf, privacy screen, wind protection – and weighs almost nothing!
  15. Visit the airline website directland enjoy the benefits.
  16. Book tickets on off peak days – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays.
  17. Sign up for a frequent flyer program that helps you earn points for upgrades, cheaper fares and complimentary companion tickets.
  18. Go for Airline Affiliated Credit Card.
  19. Try staying more than one night in hotels for enjoying the best deals.
  20. When not pre-booked, call hotels directly at the last-minute for special discounts.
  21. While checking-in always ask for an upgrade all they can say is a no.
  22. For kitchen, washing machines, separate bedrooms, etc. go for apartment rentals.
  23. Whenever travelling, sleep on time.
  24. Avoid dinners out, instead have breakfast or lunch.
  25. Avoid tourist streets for eating as it’s costlier.
  26. Whenever possible self-cater in apartment rooms or self-contained accommodations.
  27. Eat from vendors and street carts as they cook the food fresh, right in front of your eyes.
  28. While going out for a drink, carry cash – leave the ATM card home.
  29. Utilize happy hours, or drink in before hitting pubs. Or just make use of conveniently packaged health drinks.

Guest Post by: Jenny Corteza, who is an online marketer and blogger. She started building websites using CMS platforms but later on taught herself coding skills for cleaner finish. 

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