The Hidden Europe on Amazon

Today (April 28, 2012) is the official pub date of my new book, The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us

The ebook is free this weekend!

To celebrate the book launch, I'm giving the book away for free! Yup!

Download it for free right now at Amazon.

Why am I doing this? I expect to become filthy rich by giving my book away for free!

Have you been debating whether you should spend $9.99 for my ebook? I know it's a lot of money to get 7 years of labor. So this weekend, and this weekend only, you can save $10 and just steal it. But act now.

But I don't have a Kindle! Neither do I. However, if you have the Kindle App on your iPad, iPhone, Nook, or Android device, then you can read it via the Kindle app. If you don't have any of those gadgets, then you can read the book on your computer via Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader. All these apps are FREE.

A Serbian "friend" asked me, "Where can I torrent your book?" (Tip: Don't say that to authors who depend on book sales to survive.)

Today I'll tell my cheap friend that he can legally get it for free. And so can you! If you like it, buy the hardcover and get it autographed! Tell your friends!

Come to one of my events if you'd like to see me speak.


The promotion helped push it to #202 in the Free Kindle Store. There are over a million Kindle books, so I'm happy that I made to #209.  

Amazon screenshot rank

It became the #1 free Travel book on Amazon!


Also, it became the #1 bestseller for free Travel Essays & Travelogues, putting it next to a travel writer I admire: Bill Bryson - who is #1 in the paid category. 

Amazon screenshot

Finally, it's also became the #1 Free Kindle in the Travel / Europe category:

Amazon screenshot

There was nice pop in popularity over the last two weeks (see below):

Amazon sales pop