Help me celebrate the 6th anniversary of the publication of Hike Your Own Hike by listening to it in its new audiobook format! It's thru-hiker cheap! It's all at my WanderLearn shop!Hike Your Own Hike Audiobook by Francis Tapon

This 10-hour unabridged audiobook of Hike Your Own Hike is a perfect holiday gift for a friend or family member who:

  • Likes to listen to audiobooks during their daily commute.

  • Uses an MP3 player when they workout or take public transportation.

  • Is a backpacker who would love a motivating audiobook to listen to during his/her hikes.

This audiobook is special because it has two narrators! Although I read most of the book, Lisa Garrett (who hiked the Appalachian Trail with me) reads all of the book's sidebars as well as some random parts. Her voice helps break up the monotony of listening to only one voice. Also, once you hear her, you'll agree that she's a much better reader than I am! When she speaks, you'll listen!

How’s this for trail magic: download half of the audiobook for free! You can listen to the Introduction and Chapters 1-4 without spending a penny! If you like it, buy the audiobook to get the whole thing. The free downloads are at the bottom of this page.

The audiobook is the same price as the hardcover book ($24.99), but you can get both of them + 3 other bonuses for just $29.99 at the new WanderLearn Shop! In other words, get the audiobook almost for free when you get the Hike Your Own Hike Deal!



Download the first half of the audiobook for free!

Below are the five free files, with their size and time. Right click the links below and select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." and then save it onto your computer.

If you enjoyed it, please help me out by buying the audiobook at my shop! It's practically free when you buy it with the hardcover!