This press kit helps the media time their stories and gives them good questions to ask Francis Tapon.


  • October 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
  • August 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of USSR and Yugoslavia. 

Questions to ask Francis Tapon and headlines that hook

Eastern Europe - politics and current events

  • Why and how did the Soviet Union collapse 30 years ago?
  • How has Eastern Europe fared in the last 3 decades?
  • Are there parallels between the collapse of communism and the financial challenges in the West?
  • What is the future of Eastern Europe?
  • 30 years after the Soviet Union collapsed: are people better off?
  • The Yugoslav-Balkan Wars started 30 years ago—how are they now and where are they going?
  • Is Russia getting too powerful?
  • When will the next European war happen? 5 tips to make sure you're prepared.
  • Is Eastern Europe changing too quickly?
  • Did you know most Eastern Europeans don't have a word for "hand"? And 10 other unusual facts about the hidden side of Europe.
  • Are flat taxes in Eastern Europe working?
  • Are former communist countries more capitalistic than America?
  • 10 things you don't know about Eastern Europe that could change your perspective!
  • 3 questions to ask your travel agent before it's too late.
  • How Putin stays in power . . . and how you can too.

Travel and backpacking

  • How do you get sponsors for a backpacking trip or travel?
  • What are the 7 things that backpacking across America teaches you about everyday life?
  • 5 things to avoid when you're traveling to Eastern Europe
  • Where will the next big European tourist destination be? 5 tips to make sure you see it first.
  • The five secrets that will let you travel for six months with just $2,000.
  • These 5 common travel strategies actually do more harm than good!
  • After traveling 80 countries, a traveler shares the 13 things he's learned.
  • Are we getting too dependent on GPSes?
  • Is there too much technology in the wilderness?
  • Is the Appalachian Trail getting too commercial?
  • These 3 common backpacking techniques actually do more harm than good!
  • How do you thru-hike the Appalachian Trail with $20?
  • What does it take to yo-yo the CDT?
  • What's the most overlooked strategy in ultralight backpacking?


  • How is Eastern Europe, 30 years after the end of the USSR, beating us in the tech and science race?
  • Estonians invented Skype, they've been voting over the Internet for years, and their cell phones are mini-ATMs and banks. What are they doing now?
  • Hungarians aren't gaga over Lady Gaga, but instead idolize their scientists and engineers.
  • Russians are doing cyber attacks on Estonia, building tech parks, and building new rockets.

Visuals for TV

Francis Tapon can supply video and photos of Eastern Europe as well as from the four times he walked across America. Check out the best photos from Eastern Europe. Consider: