• CDT Yo-Yo Video

The Continental Divide Trail Yo-Yo

This 77-minute video is more like a slideshow on steroids. We're calling it a "video" because it's not a movie, but it's also not a slideshow. We'll pan across photos, insert movie clips, and put it all to music. Watch the 15-minute preview below to get an idea.

This slideshow on steroids has three parts:

  1. Start of the trail through Colorado
  2. Wyoming, Canada, and Back through Wyoming
  3. Back though Colorado to Mexico.

See dramatic closeups and cinematic sweeping views all to inspiring music! There's occasional humor to keep you entertained. Hundreds of photos and dozens of video clips make for a breathtaking journey!

If you buy this, you will NOT receive a DVD in the mail. Instead, after buying it, you will be taken to a page where you can download the video.

There are two formats:

1. One .zip file that has an .exe file in it. This 1.3 GB file is the best option for those with Microsoft Windows. The quality is best! It doesn't work with a Mac or Linux (unless you have a Windows emulator).

2. Three .avi files. These add up to 1.2 GB, but the quality is worse than the .exe file. However, the quality is better than the Vimeo trailer you can see below. So if you're cool with the quality below, you'll like the .avi files and you'll LOVE the .exe file. In short, if you've got Microsoft Windows, just download the .zip file. If not, then get the 3 .avi files.

Either way, you have a money-back guarantee! So if you're not happy with the video for any reason, just say and I'll refund your money (only applicable if you're buying the standard $9.99 price).

The Preview of the CDT Yo-Yo DVD by Francis Tapon from Francis Tapon on Vimeo.


Instructions for the .exe application:

1. Extract the file and then open it.

2. If you go mouse over the bottom part of the video while it's playing, a bar pops up, complete with:

  • a pause/play button
  • an ability to jump to any part of the video
  • a volume control
  • a handy restore/maximize button (so you can surf the web with the video playing in a corner of your screen).
  • an all-purpose menu button

3. Enjoy!

Download tip: It's rare, but sometimes people have trouble downloading the 1.3 GB file. Here are three tips to pulling it off:

  1. Download during an off-hour (doing it overnight). You'll have less competing traffic.
  2. Avoid wifi if you can. Connect it directly to a cable/Ethernet connection. It's much faster and stable than a wifi connection.
  3. If that doesn't work, download the .avi files (there are three of them and they are each about 200-400 MB). They're not as high resolution as the .zip file, but at least it's better than nothing!

If none of this works, then I'll refund your money and I apologize for the troubles!

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CDT Yo-Yo Video

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