New Views book cover

Are you a mapaholic? Do you just love to scrutinize maps? If so, I've got the book for you.

In 2018, Alastair Bonnett released New Views: The World Mapped Like Never Before: 50 maps of our physical, cultural and political world. 

I adore maps and I soaked up all 50 maps. 

It's not available as an ebook, which is fine since the colorful book is designed to be flipped through, touched, and examined.

You can see a few sample maps on the book's Amazon page.

My 14 favorite maps from New Views

Let's look at my 14 favorite maps in the book. 

Definitely, my favorite overall is the Pangea Ultima map. The name is terrible. It implies that it's ultimate and final resting places of the continents. It's not. They will continue to move for at least another billion years. Still, it's interesting to see where we're headed. We're going to rejoin the continents again! Drive to see your friends. 

Pangea Ultima world map


Air traffic

Africa has 1.3 billion people but few planes.

Air traffic world map

Amphibian diversity 

Amphibian diversity world map

Where the ant species are

Ants world map

The darker areas are more remote and distant from cities

City remoteness world map


Where the bird diversity is

Bird diversity world map

Africa has few power lines

Energy lines world map

Where the fat asses are

Fat people world map

The baby factories

Global Fertility world map

Where the happy people are

Happiness world map

Language diversity map

Language world map

If you're in the east DR Congo, watch your head!

Lightning world map

Some places are getting wetter. Some are getting drier.

Precipitation world map

Sugar lovers 

Sugar world map


If you like these 14 maps, support Alastair Bonnett's great new book by buying a hardcover.

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