Guest Post by Sophie Morgan:

Are you thinking about undertaking an adventurous water sport? Those who are curious and adventurous by nature can embark on white-water rafting. This thrilling family activity provides an exciting experience for people of all skill levels and age groups. Both Europe and Africa are blessed with flourishing rivers that offer exhilarating water rafting adventures.

A couple of travel companies around the world provide tours to white-water rafting locations. You can contact these agencies for flight details and other requirements. Each trip is supervised by an experienced guide and fitness instructor. The participants are requested to get a grip on basic paddling skills. Moreover, they should trust their guides and follow specific instructions during rafting.

White-Water Rafting In Europe

There are many exciting rafting places throughout Europe:

  • The Alps region in Europe is especially famous for white-water rafting. 
  • Countries like Spain, Croatia, France, Scotland and Austria house multiple sites for water adventures. 
  • The Ardeche River in France and the River Enns in Austria include Class III rapids.
  • The Rhein and Lutchine rivers in Switzerland accommodate class III and class IV rapids. While the Lutchine is noted for organizing the best rafting events, the River Rhein is known for picturesque panorama of Swiss Grand Canyon.
  • The Noce River meanders its way through the Sun Valley in northern Italy. It is one of the best white-water rafting destinations of the world. It features Class I to Class V rapids.
  • The Västerdalälven River in the Dalarna region, Sweden is famed for family trips and breathtaking scenery. It consists of risk-free Class I rapids for beginners.
  • The Uni River in Bosnia-Herzegovina (see photo below)
Rafting in Bosnia. Photo by Eko turizam u BiH (Tri doline) on Flikr.

African River Safaris

There are numerous enchanting and gorgeous sites in Africa which offer’s you full excitement and thrill that you remember rest of your life. There are copiousness of new sites those attract the visitors and travellers from all over the world. The finest moment to visit Africa starts from June to September. During this season, rivers hold the right quantity of water for rafting.

The ravishing water rafting destinations in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia, South Africa, Madagascar, Morocco and Tanzania offers you finest excitement and thrill. Rivers like Orange, Omo, Tekeze, Zambezi, Nile, Crocodile, Mangoky and Buffalo provide stimulating events for novice and experts.

The River Vaal close to Johannesburg is well known and famous destination for fun petite rapids. It is finest and accurate destination for corporate and family trips. Bring your friends and family members and explore the beauty and magic of this site. Experience one hour’s river rafting from the centre of Johannesburg. Umgeni River on North of Durban has fascinating and enjoyable rapids for novice and experts under the guidance of professionals. River Umkomaas on South Coast offers marvellous, fantastic and challenging padding with some fun and enjoyable rapids.

Photo by elisabetta_monaco on Flickr

River Rafting Tricks

Let’s have a look at river rafting tricks.

Boof Move: By this move, you must make sure to paddle above a swing without getting flipped to one side. Never try this unless you are with a professional person and lacking know how of safe landing.

Surfing Wave: It is first trick that every novice needs to learn. It can be made at Park and Play. By this trick you can be talented on both waves and holes.

Stern Squirt: This trick is usually completed on drift water. It makes the Kayak to situate in a straight line in the air.

The EnderThis shift is enjoyed after the basic and superior paddlers as the ender.

River Rafting Tips

Let’s have a look at river rafting essential safety tips.

Water Shoes: Water shoes insulate your feet against the pointy parts of rocks and make it easier and safer for you to move on the slippery parts of rocks.

Life Vest: Ever make sure to wear a life vest. During river rafting you may fall out and hit your head with rock. Vest life save your life from being injured.

Helmet: If you are going over risk free river rafting then you do not need helmet. But if you are going to Class III or above class rafting then makes sure to wear helmet. Like Life Vest it may save your life.

The Buddy SystemNever go alone. You need to have at least three people in one raft. If something happen to you during river rafting, the other person may save you from harmful incident.

Paddle Down: When rafting with others, ever keep your paddle down and near the water. In this position you will not hit anyone in your boat. 

Now you are familiar with fascinating and astonishing river rafting destinations in Europe and Africa and also river rafting tricks and safety tips. Have a safe and most memorable experience of lifetime, it is recommended to take a tour of these thrilling and marvellous sites. Acquire flight information to an excellent range of assisted facilities and committed to make your travel a pleasant and top-notch experience.

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