While I'm traveling to all 54 African countries, I'm climbing the tallest peak in each country. 

There was only one country's lowest point that intrigued me: Djibouti. 

That's because the lowest point in Djibouti also happens to be the lowest point on the African continent. Africa's lowest point is Lake Assal, which is 155 meters below sea level (that's 509 ft for Americans who still haven't learned the superior metric system).

Lake Assal is always an inferno. The upside is that the salt lake, which is the saltiest on Earth, provides a way to cool off, even if you can't swim. You're guaranteed to float, thanks to the saline water.

I've also been to North America's lowest point: Badwater, Death Valley. I visited in December, which had pleasant temperatures.

The highest point I've ever climbed was Kilimanjaro (nearly 5,900 meters). I did it twice and vomited on the summit each time.

All this talk about highs and lows may kindle your curiosity about other high and low points across the planet. Scroll through the infographic below to check out the highest and lowest points of 20 popular countries.

The highest and lowest elevation points of 20 countries around the world

Source: Source of this infographic

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