Ljubljana, Slovenia

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As a traveler, you are always looking for new places to visit. When people aim for Europe, they usually think of Western Europe. But what about the Other Europe, Eastern Europe?

Going to Eastern Europe may be what you need to add to your traveling experiences. The places there are surprisingly modern, with friendly people and of course, you get to travel at budget-friendly prices. The US dollar is stronger than the Eastern Europe currencies so you can get some comfortable places to camp that will not be too expensive. This is a list of some of the seven best cities to visit in Eastern Europe.




1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is a city that can be termed as ancient. It used to be a Roman outpost and now it looks great. It is filled with life, extraordinarily green and compact. Sure, you would be expecting the castles, the cobbled streets, and the squares but what will amaze you is the buzzing nightlife. If you love to party, this city will show you how to get down.

It is also home to some of Eastern Europe’s contemporary scenes. The city center has heavily restricted traffic so that you will find some pedestrian friendly paths. You will also love that the town is budget friendly. If you are a student looking for a place to have fun and enjoy a great travel experience, this is the place to be. In addition to the Contemporary Art Metelkova, there are also a number of Slovenian galleries that will wow any art lover.

2. Tallinn, Estonia

While most people know about this city because of its fantastic Christmas market, this is a great city to visit all year round. It has a fairytale charm that impresses you right from the time you enter it. The fairytale is carefully blended with the modern eateries and new skyscrapers. If you love to travel and have fun, this old town is where you should be. The UNESCO-approved medieval walled city is just like in the fairytale books and movies. It has rebuilt homes that go way back to the 11th century. Despite the fact that the town is small and compact, there are party spots that resemble those in much bigger cities. You will also love visiting the curiosity shops that specialize in Soviet-era trinkets. These can be great souvenirs to have.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hurry up to see one of the film sets of the upcoming Star Wars VIII. See this city before it gets completely overrun with Star Wars 8 fans. Dubrovnik is located on the southern tip of Croatia. It is right along the beautiful bluer than blue Adriatic sea. This is a great town to visit for those vacations. If you are going with your family, you will love that you will not end up spending too much money.

There are winding streets, ancient walls and yachting to experience especially during the warmer months. It is home to some of Europe’s best beaches. You may also choose to take sky-high rides to the top of the Srd Hill, where there are excellent views in all directions, including the vast sea. The city also boasts of some of the most adorable wine bars so you will have fun both during the day and at night.

4. Kotor, Montenegro

If you are considering a romantic getaway for you and your spouse, perhaps you ought to consider this city. It is already loved by Europeans and termed one of the most romantic cities. You get to walk around the perimeter of ancient city walls and medieval homes. You also get to see some of the best historical monuments. All these are enhanced by the backdrop of the blue bay. You get to see the ancient labyrinth-like streets or get to go on some of the best steep mountainsides.

5. Krakow, Poland

Holidays in Poland can be fun and exciting. Krakow is one of Europe’s most exciting and active cities. It is also Poland’s most somber historical points. The Jewish Quarter and Schindler factory all tell of Poland’s rich history. The town is however also filled with main market squares where there are a lot of modern amenities to be enjoyed. You will love taking long walks in the numerous parks all over the city and enjoying the busy nightlife that constantly has something new to be done.

6. Budapest, Hungary

If you have ever heard of the Pearl of the Danube and wondered what it is, it is actually two cities in one. It is linked across the rolling Danube River via the iconic Chain Bridge. The bridge is a 19th-century bridge that connects Buda and Pest.  

Here you get incredible cultural discovery.  If you love enjoying different cultures and cuisines, you will love that this city serves a wide variety of Hungarian cuisines. You can also relax in the hot-spring fed bathhouses. There is also an untold number of churches, temples, monuments, and museums waiting to be explored. You do not just have to enjoy food cooked by others, you can take a cooking course while on your honeymoon and learn how to make Hungarian meals and desserts for yourselves at home. The learning experience will also help you bond as a couple.

7. Bratislava, Slovakia

This is a city that is often compared to Vienna although it has its own unique charm. This is an under-visited place in Eastern Europe. Although it is certainly a small town, it has numerous tourist attractions and there is also the fact that Danube River winds through the city.

You get to see red-roofed homes, to amazing sidewalk cafes you will always have something to do in Bratislava.  You can visit the blue church. Just like its name suggests, the church is truly blue right from its foundation, all the way to its roof. It is one of the most visited sights in this city.  The markets here are old school and have been around for years. You can get anything from food to clothes and shoes. Although the markets have been around for years, you can still find some modern goods that you can enjoy.

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