CDT Yo-Yo video

Video of the first Continental Divide Trail Yo-Yo

This 77-minute video is in three parts:CDT Yo-Yo Video by Francis Tapon

  1. Start of the trail through Colorado
  2. Wyoming, Canada, and Back through Wyoming
  3. Back though Colorado to Mexico.

It features a combination of photos, music, and video. See dramatic closeups and cinematic sweeping views all to beautiful and inspiring music! There's also humor throughout to keep you entertained. Money back guarantee!

Watch the video below for a 15 minute trailer of the CDT Yo-Yo video. Watch 20% of the video for free and, if you like what you see, get the whole video to watch the other 80%! I appreciate your support!

We are no longer making a DVD, it's just a digital download for $11. However, you can get it for one penny, when you take advantage of the Hike Your Own Hike deal at my shop!

There are two versions:

1. The .exe file. This 1.3 GB file is the best option for those with Microsoft Windows. The quality is best!

2. Three .avi files. These add up to 1.2 GB, but the quality is significantly worse than the .exe file. However, the quality is better than the Vimeo trailer you can see below. So if you're cool with the quality below, you'll like the .avi files and you'll LOVE the .exe file.

Either way, you have a money-back guarantee! So if you're not happy with the video for any reason, just say and I'll refund your money (only applicable if you're buying the standard $11 price).

The Preview of the CDT Yo-Yo video by Francis Tapon from Francis Tapon on Vimeo.