Rick DeLong interview about UkraineThis WanderLearn Podcast is about the biggest country in Europe: Ukraine.

(If you get very technical about it, Russia and Denmark have more land if you include their terrorities outside of Europe.)

Ukraine is so big that the podcast is a double interview.

First, I interview Rick DeLong, an American who has worked and lived in Ukraine (and other Eastern European countries).

Second, I have a brief interview with Luba James, who was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine, but now lives in San Francisco.

Luba James of Odessa UkraineCombined, you'll get some insight into this vast country in Europe. It may not answer all your questions, but at least it will get you thinking about Ukraine.

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{enclose Ukraine_WanderLearn_Podcast.mp3}

For my travel update May 1, 2009:

Here's a quick update on my 2nd trip through Eastern Europe. Since I last wrote I've:
  • Traveled with three Ziwis in Corfu, Greece.
  • Slept in an abandoned 4 star hotel in Albania.
  • Camped in Kosovo.
  • Enjoyed the company of pot-smoking Macedonians.
  • Become friendly with some goats in Bulgaria.
  • Traveled through the Danube Delta in Romania with three French people, an Italian, and an American.
  • Hitchhiked through much of Moldova.
  • Climbed the tallest mountain in Ukraine.
  • Was dropped off in Kosice, Slovakia at 3am.
  • Had my ATM card eaten in Hungary by a hungry ATM machine.
I'd love to write much more, but I'm saving it for my book, The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us.
I've got two more countries to see that I've haven't see this year: Serbia and Slovenia. I'll be in Serbia tomorrow!

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