Eric Wiltsher, working in SlovakiaIt's easy to criticize poor George W. Bush for confusing Slovakia and Slovenia. On the other hand, most people on the planet wouldn't know the difference between those two countries either.

One guy who does know the difference is Eric Wiltsher. This lively British gentleman has been broadcasting for Radio Tatras International in Slovakia for several years now. Eric has traveled all over the world and has endless stories to share.

On January 1, 1993, Czechoslovakia split in two: the Czech Republic on the west and Slovakia on the east. Although Slovakia may not be as economically rich as its western brother, it has mountains and nature that blow away what the Czech Republic offers.

Tune in this WanderLearn Podcast on Slovakia, where you will hear Eric's entertaining perspective. We will occasionally take a break and listen to traditional Slovak music. By the end of the podcast, I promise that you will know more about Slovakia than George Bush.

I will write all about Slovakia in my 2nd book, The Hidden Europe: What Eastern Europeans Can Teach Us. For now, please enjoy the podcast and tell me what you think on my forum!

To download this WanderLearn Podcast, right click and select "Save Target..." or "Save Link As..." depending on your browser.

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Travel update
Since my last update, I've:
  • Crossed the rebuilt Serbian bridges in Novi Sad.
  • Hitchhiked with a trucker to Timisoara, Romania.
  • Explored Italy for a month.
  • Checked San Marino off the list of countries I have to see.
  • Climbed Mt. Etna, a volcano in Sicily.
  • Laid on a beach on Gozo island in Malta.
  • Ate freshly made cheese in the mountains of Slovenia.
  • Survived a nearly fatal backpacking trip in the Dolomites of Italy.
  • Built trails in Bavaria, Germany.
  • Visited the Linz, Austria, the 2009 European Cultural Capital.
Today I am hitchhiking to some villages in southwestern Czech Republic. After that, I will housesit in a farmhouse near Munich, Germany. I hope to make progress on my book there because there is no evil Internet to distract me. Afterwards, I plan to visit my uncle in Paris.

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