Edite Lucava from LatviaEdite Lucava of Latvia99% of the people this planet can't find Latvia on a map. It's one of those three mysterious, hidden Baltic states that few people talk about and fewer people visit.

However, Latvia's capital, Riga, is the most important city in the Baltic. Its strategic location has been coveted over the centuries that tens of thousands have died trying to control this precious city.

As glorious as Riga is, Latvia offers much more to the visitor. It has the lovely Gauja National Park with two interesting towns of Cesis and Sigulda. It also has some nice beaches along the Baltic Sea. And of course, there is much more for the curious to discover.

I interview Edite Lucava, a Latvian that I met 5 years ago in Belarus. We talked only 20 minutes five years ago, but we've kept in touch ever since. Unfortunately, we haven't met face to face in the last five years. I called her on Skype to record her thoughts about her country.

You'll also get to hear the #1 Latvian band, Brainstorm. I break up the podcast with some of their music.

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