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I started this photo album 15 years ago as a way to preserve some of my early childhood photos in case my parents' house burned down. Throughout the years I've added a few more.Francis on Baker

They're arranged in chronological order (more or less).

RIGHT: I'm about to climb Mt. Baker, the 2nd most glaciated mountain in the contiguous US states (after Rainier). I did it without plastic boots or crampons, which was pretty stupid. But then again, over 100 years ago that was the way everyone went up the mountains and I curious to see if I could pull it off. Setting off at 4 a.m. About 6 hours later I reached the 3,285 meter summit (10,778 ft). Date: Aug 13, 2005.


1 Parents
2 Baby
3 Childhood
4 20s
5 Haircut
6 Brazil

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